The Kavli Foundation

The Kavli Foundation & The BRAIN Initiative

After playing an important role in the development of the BRAIN Initiative, The Kavli Foundation continues to support the Initiative through a variety of mechanisms, briefly described below.

Kavli Coffee Hours

Soon after the BRAIN Initiative was announced in 2013, The Kavli Foundation introduced Kavli BRAIN Coffee Hours at university campuses across the country, aiming to help scientists forge new professional networks, and develop collaborations with entirely new disciplines that have well-established traditions of tool development and dissemination. To date, the Foundation has sponsored Kavli BRAIN Coffee Hours at 23 campuses throughout the U.S.

Neurodata Without Borders

While progress in modern science is enabled by data sharing, there are many obstacles that limit open exchange of data, particularly in neuroscience. In mid-2014, The Kavli Foundation, along with a consortium of researchers and foundations with a shared interest in breaking down the obstacles to data sharing, initiated a program called Neurodata Without Borders (NWB,  NWB continues to fund pilot programs that break down the geographic, institutional, technological and policy barriers that impede the flow of neuroscience data to the scientific community.

Kavli Institutes

In 2015, The Kavli Foundation established three new Kavli Neuroscience Institutes which joined 17 existing Kavli Institutes around the globe focusing on research in the Foundation’s core science fields of neuroscience, nanoscience, astrophysics, and theoretical physics. Kavli Institutes provide unrestricted endowed funds that enable scientists to flexibly pursue transformative research questions.  


About The Kavli Foundation

The Kavli Foundation is dedicated to advancing science for the benefit of humanity, promoting public understanding of scientific research, and supporting scientists and their work.

The Foundation’s mission is implemented through an international program of research institutes, scientific society collaborations, initiatives and cross-disciplinary meetings in the fields of astrophysics, nanoscience, neuroscience, and theoretical physics as well as prizes in the fields of astrophysics, nanoscience, and neuroscience.

Kavli's Awards

The Kavli Foundation provides endowment funds to Kavli Institutes worldwide and supports catalytic cross-disciplinary scientific efforts. Proposals are solicited by invitation only.

Neuroscience Institutes

Nanoscience Institutes