International Neuroethics Society

International Neuroethics Society

The International Neuroethics Society (INS) is a professional association of scientists, scholars, students, and practicing legal and health professionals who share an interest in the ethical issues emerging from brain research and the expanded understanding of the mind.

INS members work in many disciplines, sectors and contexts. They examine and address some of the most difficult ethical questions about the brain and mind that society faces today.

Expanding Discourse

Many INS members are involved in scientific organizations and government entities around the world, and are therefore interested in expanding debate across disciplines, facilitating dialogue with lawmakers, and increasing outreach to public audiences.

Working with the BRAIN Initiative Alliance and its member organizations provides new and unique opportunities for the INS to increase awareness and communication about the scientific outcomes of neuroscience research and the related ethical, legal and social implications.

Several neuroethics experts also serve on the NIH Neuroethics Working Group, formed in 2015 to provide advice and recommendations to the BRAIN Initiative. The group convenes regularly to identify and anticipate the ethical challenges that emerge in the development and application of BRAIN Initiative-funded tools and technologies.

As neuroethical issues become more complex and directly relevant to people’s lives, the INS continues to think critically about how, when, and where to open these critical discussions.

Mission and Activities

The Society’s mission is to encourage and inspire research and dialogue on the responsible use of advances in brain science. To serve its members and practitioners in the brain sciences, the INS organizes events and programs that engage a wide range of ethical issues in neuroscience.

  • The INS Annual Meeting provides an opportunity for the world’s leading neuroethics experts, health and law professionals, and students from many backgrounds to share and exchange knowledge and forge essential connections.
  • Through the Neuroethics Webinar Series, the INS brings together experts from a range of disciplines and backgrounds to examine timely and important issues in neuroethics.
  • Now in its eighth year, the competitive Neuroethics Essay Contest receives over 100 submissions each year from high school students, university and graduate students, and early career trainees. Through the contest, many participating young scholars explore topics and themes in neuroethics for the first time.
  • The INS active membership consists of about 300 of the world’s leading neuroethics scholars and professionals, from over 25 countries, who are actively addressing ethical issues in neuroscience.