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Keywords: API, Data visualization, Data analysis, Deep-brain stimulation, Device, Device interface, Adaptive stimulation, Closed-loop stimulation, Stimulation control, RC+S, RNS, Percept

Documented software code developed and shared by OpenMind Consortium members to faciliate research using bidirectional deep-brain stimulation devices

This collection of software tools is geared to support research using advanced deep-brain (DBS) stimulation technology (e.g. Medtronic’s Summit RC+S system) in clinical studies. The tools have been developed and shared by OpenMind Consortim member laboratories and include read-me, explanatory videos, and other material to enable use and adaptation by users to suit their research needs. The tools encompass code for data visualization and analysis, as well as code for device programming and control via device APIs. This set of resources helps to fill a critical gap in technological capacity needed to fully utilize advanced DBS device technology in clinical studies, and brings efficiencies in cost, labor, time and knowledge-sharing to the community of advanced DBS researchers.

* Software tools for clinical research employing bidirectional deep-brain stimulation device technology.

* Software for DBS device control and programming.

* Software for data visualization and analysis.

* Extract .json raw data from Summit RC+ S device.

* App for adjusting stimulation and sensing parameters for in-clinic studies.

* App for simple-to-use data collection by patients at home.

* Data management app for advanced DBS epilepsy studies.

* Enables data collection, visualization, and analysis that would otherwise be cumbersome.

* Interfaces with device APIs to enable customized parameter setting and control of other device functions.

* OpenMind software tools are generally applicable specifically to use cases involving bidirectional DBS device technology (e.g., Medtronic Summit RC+S and similar device systems).

* Borton et al. 2020, Developing Collaborative Platforms to Advance Neurotechnology and Its Translation. doi:10.1016/j.neuron.2020.10.001.

* See read-me and tutorial videos included on the Github site:


Phil Starr, Professor
David Borton, Asst. Professor
Tim Denison, Professor
Greg Worrell, Professor
Heather Dawes, Exec. Director


University of California, San Francisco; Brown University; University of Oxford; Mayo Clinic



Phil Starr, Professor, UCSF; David Borton, Asst. Professor, Brown; Tim Denison, Professor, Oxford; Greg Worrell, Professor, Mayo Clinic; Heather Dawes, Exec. Director, UCSF



NIH 1U24NS113637