Open Ephys GUI

Type: Software,

Keywords: Electrophysiology, Neural recording, BRAIN Initiative

Open Ephys GUI: open-source, plugin-based cross-platform software for data acquisition for extracellular electrophysiology

The Open Ephys GUI is open-source, plugin-based cross-platform software for acquiring data from implanted electrodes, used by hundreds of labs around the world. It is available for download from

* Acquire data from the Open Ephys acquisition board, Neuropixels probes, or Intan Recording Controllers
* Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux
* Extend the software via a built-in plugin installer
* Designed to facilitate closed-loop feedback experiments

* Extracellular electrophysiology in freely moving animals
* Neuropixels data acquisition
* Closed-loop experiments that perturb the hippocampal theta rhythm in a phase-specific manner

* Mice, Rats, Primates, Birds, Reptiles

* Prioritization of closed-loop feedback, where it is easy to mix and match modules for acquiring data, detecting events, and sending triggers to external devices
* Acquire multichannel electrophysiology data
* Flexible, can be used with many types of data acquisition hardware
* Possible for users to extend the functionality of the GUI through a simple API
* Possible to interface with any hardware device that generates regularly sampled multichannel data
* Interfaces with low-cost, open-source hardware for amplifying and digitizing neural signals
* Built-in audio monitor
* Digital referencing
* Designed to be extended with Plugins
* Flexible LFP display with overlaid events
* Software interface for running and monitoring extracellular electrophysiology experiments
* Allows user to configure processing pipelines by mixing and matching modules

* Developed by neuroscientists for neuroscientists, which means some of the design decisions may not be optimal from an engineering perspective
* When using the Open Ephys acquisition board, relatively high closed-loop roundtrip times (~10 ms) are necessitated by use of the USB port for data transmission

* Written in C++, using the JUCE library (

* Siegle et al. 2017, Open Ephys: An Open-Source, Plugin-Based Platform for Multichannel Electrophysiology, J Neural Eng 14:045003.


Josh Siegle (Assistant Investigator)


Allen Institute <br /> MIT<br /> Brown University <br /> many more



Pavel Kulik (Allen Institute)
Anjal Doshi (Allen Institute)
Aarón Cuevas López (UMHV)
Jakob Voigts (MIT)
many other contributors



BRAIN Initiative U24 Award, 1U24NS109043