Open Ephys GUI

Type: Software,

Keywords: Electrophysiology, Neural recording

Open Ephys GUI: open-source, plugin-based cross-platform software for data acquisition for extracellular electrophysiology

The Open Ephys GUI is open-source, plugin-based cross-platform software for acquiring data from implanted electrodes, used by hundreds of labs around the world. It is available for download from

* Acquire data from the Open Ephys acquisition board, Neuropixels probes, or Intan Recording Controllers
* Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux
* Extend the software via a built-in plugin installer
* Designed to facilitate closed-loop feedback experiments

* Extracellular electrophysiology in freely moving animals
* Neuropixels data acquisition
* Closed-loop experiments that perturb the hippocampal theta rhythm in a phase-specific manner

* Mice, Rats, Primates, Birds, Reptiles

* Prioritization of closed-loop feedback, where it is easy to mix and match modules for acquiring data, detecting events, and sending triggers to external devices
* Acquire multichannel electrophysiology data
* Flexible, can be used with many types of data acquisition hardware
* Possible for users to extend the functionality of the GUI through a simple API
* Possible to interface with any hardware device that generates regularly sampled multichannel data
* Interfaces with low-cost, open-source hardware for amplifying and digitizing neural signals
* Built-in audio monitor
* Digital referencing
* Designed to be extended with Plugins
* Flexible LFP display with overlaid events
* Software interface for running and monitoring extracellular electrophysiology experiments
* Allows user to configure processing pipelines by mixing and matching modules

* Developed by neuroscientists for neuroscientists, which means some of the design decisions may not be optimal from an engineering perspective
* When using the Open Ephys acquisition board, relatively high closed-loop roundtrip times (~10 ms) are necessitated by use of the USB port for data transmission

* Siegle et al. 2017, Open Ephys: An Open-Source, Plugin-Based Platform for Multichannel Electrophysiology, J Neural Eng 14:045003.

* Written in C++, using the JUCE library (


Josh Siegle (Assistant Investigator)


Allen Institute, Seattle, WA



Pavel Kulik (Allen Institute)
Anjal Doshi (Allen Institute)
Aarón Cuevas López (UMHV)
Jakob Voigts (MIT)
many other contributors



BRAIN Initiative U24 Award, 1U24NS109043