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Keywords: Adeno-associated virus, AAV, Rabies, Lenti, HSV, viral vectors, custom

Resource ID: SCR_023280

Custom viral vectors for neuroscience

The UNC Neuroscience Center NeuroTools Vector Core provides custom viral vectors tailored for neuroscience experiments. We work directly with investigators to provide optimal combinations of payloads, capsids/pseudo-types, titers, and purity. We will modify our production protocol to meet your specfic needs. We also assist with vector design and viral vector performance trouble-shooting.

* The NeuroTools Vector Core provides full circle support for the use of viral vectors for neuroscience applications. We are currently offering AAV, rabies, lenti, and HSV vector production.

* All viral vectors are produced using protocols optimized for the titer and purity requirements unique to applications within the nervous system (peripheral or central).

* We allow investigators to request the specific payload, capsid/envelope, titer, and purity necessary for their specific experiment with end volumes relevant for neuroscience applications (5ul aliquot, 100ul or 500ul end volume)and affordable pricing.

* We offer stock preps for screening optimal capsid choice and for commonly used rabies and HSV vectors. NeuroTools can also assist in viral vector design and vector performance trouble-shooting.

* We also serve as a single-source of validated vector preps to test new tools (sensors, opsins).

* We leverage our experience with viral vectors across the neuroscience community.

* Viral vectors may be used to mark, map, and manipulate neuronal populations and circuits.

* Mouse

* Rat

* Non-human primate

* Zebrafish

* Salamander

* Frog

* Custom payload and capsid/envelope choices

* Request specific titer and/or purity levels

* Small end volumes

* Affordable

* Fast turn-around times

* Different viral vectors have different strengths and weaknesses. If you are unsure which vector best suites your needs, we are happy to assist.

* We prefer not to make preps with end volumes larger than 500ul. Our hard limit is 1ml.

* We do not maintain a large inventory of commonly used stock AAV preps as we specialize in custom vector production.


Kimberly Ritola, Director


University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill



David Bottenberg, Research Technician, UNC-Chapel Hill
Aaliyah O’Dell, Research Technician, UNC-Chapel Hill
Simna Saraswathi Prasannakumari, Post-Doc, UNC-Chapel Hill
Thipparat Suwanmanee, Research Specialist, UNC-Chapel Hill



* U24NS124025