Neuroscience AntiBody Open Resource (NABOR)

Type: Molecular / Cellular,

Keywords: Antibody, Affinity Reagent, ScFv, Plasmid, Labeling

Resource ID: SCR_002037

Plasmids and ready-to-use recombinant antibodies shared by your colleagues, including the NeuroMab collection

This resource is an open-access recombinant antibody/affinity reagent repository for the neuroscience community called Neuroscience AntiBody Open Resource (NABOR). Reliable access to affinity reagents validated for use in diverse neuroscience research applications is crucial to accomplishing numerous goals of the BRAIN Initiative. Currently available affinity reagents from companies can be variable in quality and the molecular identity of the material is completely unknown to scientists. Addgene has built an open-access library and is providing plasmids, sequences, and ready to use protein-format antibodies.

* Open access recombinant antibodies for use in IHC, western blot, immunocytochemistry, and more

* Antibodies against neuroscience targets (including the NeuroMab collection) as well as against common tags

* Plasmids, sequences, and protein available

* Validation data from Dr. James Trimmer and Addgene. Additional validation data from the community encouraged

* Isotype-switched chimeric versions of popular anti-tag and NeuroMab antibodies


* Immunohistochemistry

* Immunoblot/Western Blot

* Immunocytochemistry

* Immunohistochemistry (IHC) to recognize specific proteins in brain or other tissues

* Immunoblot/Western Blot to recognize specific proteins from an extract from cells or tissues

* Other applications that require recognition of target proteins using the antibodies from the collection

* Human

* Mouse

* Rat

* Recombinant antibodies enhance scientific reproducibility since they are infinite and molecularly defined

* Open sharing of sequences and quality control data

* Modest price

* We welcome community sourced validation data

* Not every application has been tested. We welcome the community to test the antibodies in new applications and share their data via Addgene.


Melina Fan, Chief Scientific Officer


Addgene, Watertown, MA, USA



James Trimmer, Professor in Physiology and Membrane Biology, University of California Davis
Meghan Rego, Director of Antibodies, Addgene



* U24NS119916