Type: Software,

Keywords: Cloud computing, Data analysis, Neuroimaging, Orchestration, Workflows, MRI, EEG, MEG, Behavior, Visualization,

Resource ID: SCR_020940

Free and secure reproducible neuroscience analysis platform is a free and secure reproducible neuroscience analysis platform. The platform support data preprocessing, visualization and analysis. Users can analyze data on by either uploading or importing it from public archives. Over 400+ pre-processing apps are available to build your custom workflows. Thousands of jobs can be submitted using shared clusters or on your own computer. Perform group-level statistical analysis or apply machine learning methods using Jupyter notebooks. Publish your full workflow from raw data to published figures in an integrated bundle with a single DOI.

*An international cloud computing platform.

*Reproducible data management

*Automated capture of data provenance

*Data preprocessing (quality control, artifact removal)

*Data analysis (Jupyter Notebooks)

*FAIR data publishing; a single record with processing applications, data and Jupyter notebook is shared

*Supports customized Data User Agreements and Governance Frameworks

*Researchers can upload their MRI or EEG, MEG data and process it using existing Applications

*Researchers can develop their own data processing applications and register them on as reproducible web services (Apps)

*Researchers can register data visualization toolboxes on

*Researchers can publish their data processed on with the wider community



*Rodents (upcoming)


Franco Pestilli, Associate Professor


The University of Texas at Austin



*U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) awards 1916518, 1912270, 1636893, and 1734853

*U.S. National Institutes of Health awards (NIH) R01MH126699, R01EB030896, and R01EB029272

*The Wellcome Trust award 226486/Z/22/Z

*Microsoft Investigator Fellowship

*Kavli Foundation.