Brain Image Library

Type: Optics / Microscopy,

Keywords: Data archive, Microscopy, BRAIN Initiative, HPC, Computational resource

Resource ID: SCR_017272

Brain Image Library is an NIH-funded resource serving the neuroscience community by providing a persistent centralized repository for brain microscopy data

The Brain Image Library (BIL) is an NIH-funded public resource serving the neuroscience community by providing a persistent centralized repository for brain microscopy data. Data scope of the BIL archive includes whole brain microscopy image datasets and their accompanying secondary data such as neuron morphologies, targeted microscope-enabled experiments including connectivity between cells and spatial transcriptomics, and other historical collections of value to the community. The BIL Analysis Ecosystem provides an integrated computational and visualization system to explore, visualize, and access BIL data without having to download it.

* All BIL data is available on High Performance Computing Resources to enable extensive analyses.

* The BIL Helpdesk provides support for resolving networking issues related to data transfer (including slow transfer speeds).

* BIL can also receive contributed datasets via a non-network alternate path such as LTO tape.

* BIL does not have a limit on the amount of data deposited per dataset or investigator, however data contributors intending to deposit more than 50TB of data in a single year are asked to contact the archive in advance to discuss data deposition plans.

* BIL accepts both raw and processed microscopy data.


Alexander Ropelewski, Principal Investigator


Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA



Kathy Benninger, Manager of Networking Research, PSC/Carnegie Mellon University
Iván Cao-Berg, Research Software Specialist, PSC/Carnegie Mellon University
Mariah Kenney, Data Curator and Metadata Librarian, PSC/Carnegie Mellon University
Rozita Laghaei, Research Scientist, PSC/Carnegie Mellon University
Liz Pantalone, Web Platform Developer, PSC/Carnegie Mellon University
Alexander Ropelewski. Principal Investigator, PSC/Carnegie Mellon University
Derek Simmel, Senior Information Security Officer, PSC/Carnegie Mellon University
Luke Tuite, Web Developer, PSC/Carnegie Mellon University
Iana Vasylieva, Postdoctoral Associate, University of Pittsburgh
Alan Watson, Principal Investigator, University of Pittsburgh
Arthur Wetzel, Principal Computer Scientist, PSC/Carnegie Mellon University



* R24-MH-114793