Type: Optics / Microscopy,

Keywords: 3D-Neural imaging, Miniature fiber-coupled two photon microscope, Electrowetting lens technology

2P-FCM: Miniature 2-photon fiber-coupled microscope for 3D neural imaging in freely moving animals

We are developing a two-photon miniature fiber-coupled microscope that uses electrowetting lens technology for three dimensional neural imaging in freely moving animals. We are currently working to disseminate the technology to five beta users for testing in different animal models.

* 2P-FCM is a light-weight fiber-coupled head-mounted miniature two-photon microscope (<2 grams) for imaging in awake freely moving mice.
* Employs electrowetting lenses for high-speed variable focusing with no moving parts in a compact design.
* Allows rapid imaging in multiple focal planes and tilted focal planes.

* Uses include imaging neural activity in animals performing complex behavior tasks such as navigating odor plumes or social interactions.

* Mice (Thy1-GCaMP6s, C57BL/6 mouse)

* Prairie voles

* Provides optical sectioned imaging with tunable depth of 200 microns for 3-dimensional imaging.
* Extremely light weight (<2 grams).
* Ability to do fast multiplane imaging and tilted field imaging.

* Lateral resolution is limited to ~ 1.8 microns due to the pixelation from the imaging fiber bundle, although this resolution can still show neural activity from cell soma and processes.

* The 2P-FCM can be added on to any existing two-photon microscope.

Baris N. Ozbay et al. 2018, Three dimensional two-photon brain imaging in freely moving mice using a miniature fiber coupled microscope with active axial-scanning. Scientific Reports 8(1):8108. doi: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-018-26326-3 

Rocky Mountain Summit on Wearable Miniature Microscopes: https://www.cuneurophotonics.org/conference.html


Patent # US20170010456A1
YouTube video on 2P-FCM: https://youtu.be/rFyFsfgNa3Q


Emily Gibson, Associate Professor


University of Colorado Denver, Anschutz Medical Campus



Victor Bright, Professor, University of Colorado Boulder

Juliet Gopinath, Associate Professor, University of Colorado Boulder

Diego Restrepo, Professor, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Karl Kilborn, Co-President, Intelligent Imaging Innovations, Inc. (collaborator)



NIH U01NS099577
NIH R43MH119879
NSF CBET-1631912
NSF IIP-1602128
NSF DBI-1353757