3rd Annual BRAIN Initiative Investigators Meeting

BY:National Institutes of Health


December 12-14, 2016, Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center


Meeting Agenda and Materials: 

Cross-Meeting Sessions: Same time and location 12/12/16-12/14/16:

Title Room Time
Welcome and Scientific Plenary Address Ballroom E-H 8:15 am
Official Poster Viewing Ballroom A-D 9:30 am
Research Highlight Talks: 12/12/16 and 12/13/16 only Lower Level Meeting Rooms 1:45 pm and 3:30 pm

Specialized Plenary Sessions: In Ballroom E-H:

Title Date and Time
Global Efforts in Neurotechnology Development 12/12/16, 10:30 am
Managing and Exploiting Data for Neuroscience Discovery 12/12/16, 1:45 pm
Human Brain Project 12/12/16, 6:30 pm
Korea Brain Initiative 12/12/16, 7:30 pm
Department of Energy 12/13/16, 9:30 am
Clinical Implications for BRAIN 12/13/16, 11:00 am
Early Career Investigator Talks 12/13/16, 1:45 pm; 12/14/16, 10:30 am
Neuroethics 12/13/16, 3:30 pm
Exciting New Technologies from BRAIN 12/13/16, 6:30 pm
Federal Agency Panel 12/14/16, 1:45 pm

Wednesday 12/14/16 Specialized Sessions: 1:45 pm-5:00 pm, primarily Lower Level:

Title Location
NIH SPARC White Flint Amphitheater
Hot Topics: Genetic Access to Magnetic Fields for Modulating Neural Activity Brookside AB
IARPA: IARPA and the BRAIN Initiative Brookside AB
NIH: Neural Recording and Modulation Ballroom E-H
NIH: Data Coordination White Flint Amphitheater
NIH: Human Imaging Glen Echo
NSF: Integrating and Coordination on a Larger Scale White Oak AB
NSF: Breakout Groups Forest Glen

Live stream videocast available for plenary sessions:

Monday 12/12/16

3rd Annual BRAIN Initiative Investigators Meeting (Day 1) AM Sessions

3rd Annual BRAIN Initiative Investigators Meeting (Day 1) PM Sessions

Tuesday 12/13/16

3rd Annual BRAIN Initiative Investigators Meeting (Day 2)

Wednesday 12/14/16

3rd Annual BRAIN Initiative Investigators Meeting (Day 3)

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