NIH BRAIN Initiative Announces Collaborative Agreement with Danish Lundbeck Foundation

BY:National Institutes of Health

Formal letter of agreement describes new partnership with Lundbeckfonden to support the involvement of researchers at Danish institutions in the BRAIN Initiative.

The 10 NIH Institutes and Centers invested in the BRAIN Initiative recently announced a new international partnership, formalized by a letter of agreement, with Lundbeckfonden (the Lundbeck Foundation) to support the involvement of Danish researchers in the NIH BRAIN Initiative.

Danish institutions and researchers can participate via two routes. For any existing FY 14 or FY 15 awards, researchers from Danish institutions may establish collaborations with NIH awardees and then apply directly to the Lundbeck Foundation for funding of work to be performed in Denmark. NIH will consider administrative supplements to support these collaborations. For eligible current and future funding opportunities, Danish researchers may submit applications for consideration of funding to both NIH and the Lundbeck Foundation. Should a project receive NIH funding via the peer-review process, the Lundbeck Foundation will determine whether it will fully or partially fund any Danish-based project elements.

In addition to providing funds, representatives of the Lundbeck Foundation will join those of the National Science Foundation, the Food and Drug Administration, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council, Brain Canada, and the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency in meetings of the BRAIN Multi-Council Working Group.

For more details and contact information, follow this link to view the notice of the Lundebeckfonden agreement.